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The Overdone Influence Map by rasenth The Overdone Influence Map by rasenth
Ooooooooooooo yeeeeeeayyy I love following the crowd. XD Thank you other people who did the memes because I would NOT have known which category to put this under. o_o
Get ready for the tl;dr description. I kinda am just ranting to myself. XD

Lol, I should've talked about why I picked these. 8D
+Studio 4C: Kung Fu Looooove!!! <3 I liked its simplistic style and iconic characters. :D The colors are bright and lively~
+Al Hirschfield: I only knew this guy for like 2 weeks but I feel he influenced me very strongly. He made me realize that what I truely, truely, truuuuuuuuuuely love is pretty lineart.
+Hellcorpceo: She is the embodiment of The Artist I Want to Be. No joke. She can draw animals/anthros and hot guys... with perfect anatomy! My three favorite things! ;o; Not to mention she can draw in animated-film style like nobody's business. I love her art so muuuuuuchhhhhh
+Kingdom Hearts: My current life obsession. XD This series made me worship Tetsuya Nomura as my Art God. I loved his KH1 style where all the lines were curvy, clean, and so Disney inspired! I was a bit disappointed that the art became angular in KH2 and onwards. ;o;
+Everything Disney: I watched so many Disney animated films in the 90s... ahh back in the day. Even though Disney art influences me strongly, I can't draw a specific Disney character very well... IRONY.
+Looney Toons: I watched hours and hours of Warner Brothers cartoons on Cartoon Network!! I loved the facial expressions and I still think that carries on today. :D Chuck Jones = <3
+Evana: She's like Hellcorpceo on a whole 'nother level of detail and colors and #@((#@@(# damn she's just good. ;-; I love the way she draws eyes. :D
+Naruto: I started reading Naruto right before the Valley of the End arc, and I fell in loooove with the art. Kishimoto-sensei has such a command on anatomy and action poses. ;__; All his characters seem so 3d! I would stare at each panel for like 10 minutes back in the day. XD
+Renaissance art: Lol vague influence. 8D! ANATOMY, I luvz it. Especially the stylized, curvy anatomy of the Renaissance. Man, they could make art of men like nobody's business. XD Donatello's David is one of my favorite pieces from that era. <3
+ QuestionStar!! She's overflowing with creativity. All her characters look so uniiiiiique. What I love the most about her art are her faces. They're realistic and yet.. stylized? It's hard to explain. I want to draw noses like that. ;-;
+Pyawakit: I love the roundess and bubbliness of her characters, not to mention her color choices are beautiful. <3

This was a LOT harder than I thought it would be. I felt like I was doing some soul-searching or something. Some of the smaller squares were really difficult to decide on. Some of these artists I haven't even thought about that much recently (ex. Questionstar) but I feel like they influenced my art subconsciously so... I stuck them in there. :P

I'm influenced by so many artists it's ridiculous. :| What's sad is that probably only around 5% of them even show in my art since I haven't posted enough yet. XD I'll list some ones that I didn't mention:


- Pokemon (I drew Pokemon on the chalkboard every day)
- Mythical creatures (dragons and gryphons)
- Neopets (I drew Neopets allllll the time when I was on it)
- Chaka (She was a famous artist on Neopets)
- Almost everybody on Yerf, a furry art site (includes Spunky, Basalt, Kyoht, Pacrat, Arphalia, Kestrel, Ashryn, you name it!!!)

[Actually drawing humans AKA anime people Phase, Age 13~15]
- Koge Donbo (oh God I used to draw like that, people are surprised now that I did, LOL)
- Kurot (ohh back in the day)
- Barachan (this is making me nostalgic)
- Celesse
- .hack//Legend of Twilight (I drew eyes just like that artist, LOL)

- Jennadelle (She drew really awesome gothic looking anthros and creatures! she's gone from Devart I think...)
- Hibbary (her dragons are kickass)
- Yamaneko (another dragon/monster artist, LOL)
- Makani (her art has so much expression!!)
- Frostious
- JayAxer

[Okaaaay I don't care anymore, I'm just gonna do my thing kthxbye Phase, Age 17~current XD]
- Pokefreak
- DavidKawena
- Luve
- Shoomlah
- Yuumei
- JohnSu
- TracyJB
-... probably a million more, LOL

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